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      Created analytical framework to do a deep dive into potential acquired company data with key focus on:

      • Customer Strategy: Analysed customer overlap across geography, products, agreements and proactively identifying acquisition, retention and cross sell opportunities etc.
      • Market/Zone Pricing Rationalization: Proactively identified pricing gap and full rate differential analysis at a product, market, customer segment level
      • Territory/SPOC Optimization: Analysed sales territories by zip codes from both companies to identify overlaps, opportunities and current penetration


      • The analysis allowed the client to make data driven strategy to retain overlapping customers and provide targeted services like cross-sell, SPOC and platform to retain new customers from day 1 of merger
      • It helped to identify pricing zones and rate bands that need to be adjusted to accommodate existing business to help control customer churn
      • The analysis helped drive right balance across different operational aspects such as People and Branch to achieve optimal cost synergies


      • The Go-to Market strategy post-merger was data driven enabling higher realization of synergies
      • Final acquisition was smooth as potential red flags and problem areas were already identified with counter strategies in place to facilitate assimilation from day 1 of merger